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Playlist Game
Volume 1.
60 Music provoking category cards in one double cassette box.

Providing endless great tracks. Original artists. Chart topping hits. A non stop playlist

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Must be played with a digital music streaming service (not included) and good friends (also not included)

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Spent a brilliant evening playing the Playlist Game with family over Christmas. It really got us all talking about our musical memories and comparing stories from our youth. Great fun! Can’t wait to play it again.
— Cate Hamilton

Where it all began

One night, no longer happy with subjecting friends to our usual music collection, we came up with a few music categories, passed around the tablet and started putting on some relevant songs. We spent our evening dreaming up categories and listening to a real mix of good (and bad) tunes. As the night came to an end, we realised that what we’d created was more than music. We shared music but also memories and stories and laughed at how embarrassing our favourite songs actually are. We’d created a unique playlist to that evening and with those friends. Playlist Game was born.


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is a story,
a flashback, 
a photograph,
a feeling, 
a laugh,
a memory...
more than music

We’re very pleased to donate 50p from the sale of every game to Youth Music.

Youth Music is a charity who like us, recognise that music is such an important part of growing up. Each year more that 350 Youth Music projects are happening across the UK and around 75,000 children and young people who are experiencing challenging circumstances are regularly making music.

Thanks for helping us support

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Playlist Game Vol.2
coming soon

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